How does your state rank?

The Marine Conservation Institute and Mission Blue just released a ranking of costal states based on the amount of Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) that have designated no take zones. The study entitled Sea States: How Well Does Your State Protect Your Coastal Waters? looks at the percentage of “no take” waters per state.

Marine Protected areas have a large variety in the level of protection they offer to the waters that they cover with some allowing recreational fishing and others allow commercial fishing. Dr. Lance Morgan, President of the Marine Conservation Institute noted: “No-take marine protected areas are the gold-standard for healthy oceans, but far too few states and territories are designating them.”

In fact, 15 out of the 23 coastal states do not have a designated no take zone and our home state of Rhode Island – The Ocean State – does not have a no take zone! Below is a list of states ranked by percentage – to learn more visit:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 1.23.40 PM

Stay tuned for next months Ocean Watch Essay focused on MPA’s and written by Marine Conservation Institute!


Newport Energy & Environment Commission

NEEC logo jpegWe have partnered with the Newport Energy & Environment Commission (NEEC) – to help support their efforts in making Newport, RI a sustainable event destination. The NEEC provides a comprehensive checklist and plan for many kinds of events (music festivals, conferences etc.) to be run in a sustainable manner. This week, the commission has posted their resources online! Our program director, Annie Brett worked with the commission on this plan – which also recommends that all events at sea (quite a few in the ocean state!) use the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas Program.

Additionally, on April 30 the Rhode Island Senate will pass a resolution commending the commission for their hard work! Click here to learn more about the commission – and view their plans.


Marine Spatial Planning

From our friends at Rhode Island Sea Grant an excellent video highlighting the important work of marine spatial planning for our oceans and coastal waters.

In Rhode Island and beyond, coastal communities are working on plans to manage the ocean’s resources to generate new industries, support job creation, and provide food and services to an ever-increasing population. The film is the first in a series that explores this effort with ocean practitioners from around the world and provides an overview of economic issues related to ocean planning, with three additional films scheduled to be released throughout the fall, focusing on offshore renewable energy, fisheries, and the environment. To learn more about this topic check out the New England Ocean Action Network.

Sailors for the Sea at RIMTA Business Roundtable

Sailors for the Sea, executive director speaking at the 2012 Rhode Island Marine Trades Association business roundtable. The RIMTA roundtable focused on the newly formed Oceans Caucus of the U. S. Senate and its impact on the Marine Trades. The Caucus will work to increase awareness and find common ground in responding to issues facing the oceans and coasts, which support millions of jobs in America and contribute more to the country’s GDP than the entire farm sector, grossing more than $230 billion in 2004.