Winterizing Your Boat

A boater’s least favorite time of year is approaching, the weekend when you give up your aquatic existence and haul your boat out of the water, resigning to several land-locked months ahead and get ready to deal with the impacts of frozen water!

Here are some tips on what you can do to minimize your impact on the environment while hauling you boat out of the water:

  • Avoid introducing invasive and alien species into new boating areas
  • Use non-toxic antifreeze
  • Dispose of oil correctly
  • Recycle used and fragmented shrink-wrap
  • Support the Clean Marinas initiative by switching to a marina that follows these standards, or changing your marina to follow these standards..
  • Use non-toxic and homemade all natural clean products.
  • Use Ecological marine products: for example Trac Boat soap does not contain any petroleum products, phosphates, chlorinated solvents, dyes, fragrances or toxic butyl cello solve.
  • Select an eco-friendly bottom paint without copper such as –Petit Paint Ultima Eco and Epaint Ecominder – (Members of Sailors for the Sea receive a 30% discount on Epaint products)

Read our latest Ocean Watch Essay Winterizing Your Boat to learn how to winterize you boat in an environmentally friendly manner!


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